Autoresponders provide you and your members with an automatic way to powerfully follow up through email communication.

In the NaXum system, we trigger autoresponders to new members, new prospects, webinar registrants, and even Tell-A-Friend emails to a prospect to invite them to see our business presentation.

These customizable letters can be written for you or loaded by your own team. The merge codes in the platform allow you to powerfully personalize each letter from each member to the prospect and create an engaging environment for telling your company’s story.

With our customizable monthly marketing plans for your members, we can allow your members to even add their own personalized autoresponder series to their own personal system.

We also have the ability for leaders to write autoresponders on behalf of their team. In this platform, the team member can unlock their leader’s autoresponder series to use personally with a simple password.

Through our platform, we can also support video autoresponders. These remarkable letters share real testimonies and overview videos of your products and services with the prospects in your sales process.

Captivate the imagination of your prospects with the real success stories your customers are experiencing with your business.

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