Replicated Sites

The NaXum system allows you to deliver replicated sites to each and every single one of your members. We have programs for replicated sites for customer-to-customer campaigns as well if that is something that fits your model.

Today companies are getting creative as ever to reward others for sharing their products through referrals and our platform creates the scalable and customizable infrastructure you require for your specific needs.

Our team of experts is here to assist you with the design, content, and sales copy you require to share your story powerfully on all devices.

Having a mobile-ready content is a must today. We live in a “device agnostic” world, meaning that everything you have needs to work on any device. Your replicated site is included in that equation.

We also have the ability to create password protected replicated sites for specific leaders or affiliates inside the system. This way if you have a sub-culture of people building the business differently, you can empower them without distracting the entire company. Custom sites for the sub-culture also mean that leads can get the customization they want, without having to build a separate system outside of your corporate platform.

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