Capture Pages

Capture pages are an incredibly effective tool to gather contact information from advertising and funnel prospects into a sales process.

We make replicated capture pages that convert, so your members have the tools they need to get leads from advertising and real-time notifications that make follow up a breeze.

When prospects fill out the form on our pages we automatically trigger personalized autoresponders to the prospect and notify your member via text message and email that they have a new lead to follow up on.

Our team of experts is here to assist you with the design, content, and sales copy you require to share your story powerfully on all devices.

Having a mobile-ready content is a must today. We live in a “device agnostic” world, meaning that everything you have needs to work on any device. Your capture page is included in that equation.

Depending on the culture of your company, we also can allow your members to create customizable capture pages with their own headlines for their marketing.

We also have the ability to create password protected capture pages and funnels for specific leaders inside the system. This way if you have a sub-culture of people building the business differently, you can empower them without distracting the entire company. Custom sales funnels for the sub-culture also means that leads can get the customization they want, without having to build a separate system outside of your corporate platform.

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