Social Media Poster Blog System

Ever wanted to empower your distributors to compliantly dominate in social media for their business?

Many companies give their members capture pages or sales funnels, but that can feel like spam in social media if your members just share a link to a capture page everyday.

That is where our Done-For-You Social Media Poster Blog System comes into play. We know you have a great story and are concerned about your members saying the right things when they promote your business in social media, and that is why this platform was created.

Powered by WordPress, this fully integrated system allows your corporate team to post compliant product testimonies, industry news, and blog posts that your members can click and share on their favorite social networks.

This is unique content, that is engaging in social media.

Because of our technology powering the system, each member has a private link to each post, that once shared allows all the banner ads on the corporate blog to be coded to the member personal capture pages.

This makes promoting online a breeze as members simply click and share your content and get leads through their capture pages in real-time.

And wait, there is more….

Because of the way our technology is coded, we don’t use a replicated engine for this blog. You see, Google hates replicated content(it does not get ranked in their search engine). They do on the other hand LOVE recent, relevant content with lots of backlinks.

By giving your members Done-For-You content to share, you’ve in essence done just that and provided recent and relevant content to Google while your affiliate army shares the links for you increasing your backlinks.

Ready to see more?