Commission Tracking

Your compensation plan needs a scalable engine you can count on every minute of everyday.

Predictive Action Apps

The old paradigm of serving up reports to members hoping they know the actions to do is dead. It’s time to simply tell them their best action to do next.

S.P.E.E.D. Platforms

Your marketing system must encompass paths for Sharing, Presenting, Enrolling, Elevating, and Duplicating teams.

System designed to
make everyone

It's simply the most elegant platform I've seen. NaXum's system has all the Fire-Power a referral marketing company needs to succeed today.

Unified Platforms Change Everything

When most direct sales and MLM companies traditionally seek out technology, they attempt the ‘best in class’ approach of having a separate vendor for commission tracking, marketing systems, and mobile applications. The challenges with this approach are that this slows down the companies abilities to make changes and scale with speed as they depend on the collaboration of multiple vendors.

By having a fully integrated platform, where the commission engine, mobile application, and marketing system are all in one system and the proven team of Naxum developers to execute on your needs, clients are loving the accountable experience of building their business with the Unify Platform.

Not Just A Virtual Office On A Mobile Phone

Our mobile technology leverages our ‘Predictive Action’ engine where our systems clear through all the noise and show your members their top 3 actions of ‘what to do’ at any time in real-time for their business.

The Data Shares The Truth

The marketplace changes fast! For you to win, you need more than data on the experience
of your members and customers after they buy, you need to know ‘HOW’ they are buying.

Compensation Reporting

Team reporting to give you and your members the insight you require to know exactly how to grow your tribe.

Global Compliance

GDPR and PCI compliance on your mind? Need to KYC your members? No worries, we serve clients all over the world and our platform can help you stay compliant.

Organizational Insights

Your business is unique to you, your content is unique and so is your tribe. That is why we create custom dashboards for you to act on real insights from your data.

Flexible Modules

Your business will change and you need the flexibility to make changes. You will love our admin engine as you engage and grow your tribe around the globe.

Bob Snyder, CEO of Renatus

The system and tools by the NaXum team provided us with marketing platform needed to take our business to the next level. I am thrilled with their performance and attention to detail. If you are looking for the turnkey marketing platform, NaXum is the company to get you on the fast track success.

Jeff Rogers, CEO of Kannaway

Kannaway selected NaXum base on the Company's ability to immediately grasp our organization's vision and rapidly deliver strategic sales resources to empower the growth of Brand Ambassadors. NaXum's customized software solutions are remarkable. Kannaway is extremely proud of the easy-to-use GoKway business-building platform and we can already see that our brand Ambassadors are benefiting from it.

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Modules For Your Tribe

Your company has specific needs, we’ll work with you to create the best project plan and module set to fit your goals to dominate in the space.


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