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Press Releases

NaXum Launches Shopping Cart Product Configuration Upgrades

NaXum Online Marketing Services, LLC out of Las Vegas, Nevada has launched a shopping cart product configuration tool that allows the admin to automatically set the pricing, visibility, and commissionable values of a product. The new configurator upgrades give NaXum clients full control to manage products and promotions. This is made possible by Core Tech Engineer Joemarie Biñas. With this shopping cart product...  September 25, 2022

NaXum Develops New Payout Configuration Tools and Rebrands the NaXum Cart Template

NaXum Online Referral Marketing Systems has developed a new payout configuration tool through Commission Engineer Sheira Man-awit’s artwork as a part of this year's Project Lion upgrades. The Payout Configuration Tool has the ability to switch between integrations and update the necessary API credentials as an admin easily through simple user interfaces. Sheira Man-awit’s work also merged the Withdrawal...  September 10, 2022

NaXum Optimizes Technology with Project Lion Initiatives

Nevada-based software company NaXum Online Marketing Services, LLC announced Wednesday, August 30th, that the final release to their 10-month initiative Project Lion is on track for September 2022 deployments. Project Lion is the first of its three-part innovative plan to optimize and modernize its Unify, Tracker, and Builder platforms. It specifically consists of smaller projects that make some of the company’s...  September 03, 2022

NaXum Launches Automated Virtual Office Brand-Out Process and Multi-Bitrate Streaming Player Virtual Office Implementation

NaXum Online Referral Marketing Systems has once again celebrated employees innovation projects this month with VP of Information Systems Engineer Vincent Paul Ponteras completing the Automated Virtual Office Brand-Out Process. This means that the installation of new virtual offices will take shorter periods of time, resulting in more time to focus on different custom coding work for more clients. Another win for the...  September 03, 2022

Vincent Paul Ponteras Joins NaXum Leadership as New VP of Information Systems

NaXum’s executive leadership team is excited to welcome Vincent Paul Ponteras to the position of Vice President of Information Systems. Formerly a Senior IS Engineer in the team, Ponteras succeeds outgoing VP of IS Nico Peñaroyo as head of the company’s platform security. He is now responsible for ensuring the NaXum North Star “Make Me Feel Secure” is maintained with stakeholders’...  July 29, 2022

NaXum CEO Hosts Executive Panel On "The Evolution Of Training"

On Friday, July 8, 2022, Ben Dixon the CEO at NaXum hosted an open panel with executives from Rodan+Fields, Color Street, and Beauty Counter. Together the panel discussed the following questions: 1) When it comes to training, what are you finding is no longer relevant and must be left behind? 2) What elements do you believe define and create a successful onboarding process today? 3) How does technology play a role in...  July 15, 2022

NaXum Promotes from Within for Technical Production Manager Seats

NaXum continues to live out its Promote From Within Core Value with another internal "jump" promotion recently. This time, it has selected Rhena May Salinas and Crismarie Lopez as its new Technical Production Managers (TPM) of Client Support and Design, respectively. Originally an accountancy graduate, Salinas found a home for her gifts in serving others as a Customer Support Representative. She worked in the...  July 02, 2022

Norfelyn Almonicar Joins NaXum Executive Team as VP of Core Tech

NaXum, a Nevada-based Referral Marketing software provider, announced this month Norfelyn Almonicar as its newest VP of Core Technology. Almonicar is a Cum Laude graduate of Information Technology at the Asian College of Technology in Cebu, Philippines. According to her NaXum bio, she started her coding career as a PHP Developer in Qualfon Philippines for five years creating the company’s Employment Management...  June 02, 2022

Jayvee Salango Named NaXum VP of Design

NaXum recently appointed Jayvee Salango as its new Vice President of Design. In his new seat, Salango will be leading the company's UI and UX teams in providing "Don't Make Me Think" interface and experience for its products and services. Salango is a Philippine-based developer who worked as a Senior UX Designer in NaXum for over two years. He was in charge of building the front-end pages of the company's Unify...  April 30, 2022

NaXum CEO Hosts DSEF Open Forum on Education in Direct Sales

Ben Dixon, NaXum CEO, hosts DSEF Open Forum on education in Direct Sales with Katy Holt-Larsen, president of Kyani and Kevin Raulston, previous president of Uforia....  April 24, 2022

NaXum Hires New VP of Commissions

Referral Marketing software provider NaXum hires Software Engineer Mark Vincent Ayo as its new VP of Commissions. In his new role, Ayo is accountable for the development and high-output tech management of the software provider’s Commissions Engine. Ayo is a back-end developer based in Davao City, Philippines who spent the last three years as a Commission Engineer in NaXum. Prior to joining the company, he developed...  April 01, 2022

NaXum CEO Ben Dixon on Building Loyalty and Retention for Your Direct Selling Business

Customers are the backbone of every business. Before winning lifetime brand advocates for one's products and services, it is important to have an effective strategy that engages new customers first so they return and buy from the same brand again. According to a recent Direct Selling Executives Forum episode, the business industry is now at a crossroads where competition is no longer only with fellow direct sales...  March 04, 2022

NaXum CEO, Ben Dixon Hosts Forum on Trends in Referral Marketing

Back in July, 2017 Ben Dixon, NaXum CEO, founded the Direct Selling Executives Forum(DSEF) as a group on Linkedin and Facebook for active direct selling executives to come together and discuss topics relevant to our industry. Today, Ben hosts 6-10 events a year with active executives in the space, digging into "real talk" around the reality of the Direct Selling space. The next open forum online, titled...  January 21, 2022

NaXum CEO, Ben Dixon Explores Data Trends in Referral Marketing

Each year Ben Dixon, the NaXum CEO, compiles a list of the top trends the team has seen in the referral marketing space and shares the report with the Direct Selling Executives Forum. Data Trends In Referral Marketing; Companies are shifting from making decisions on "training indicator" data alone to exploring new ways to gather "leading indicator" data from the independent referral marketers that promote their offers....  January 21, 2022

NaXum CEO, Ben Dixon Explores Pricing Trends In Referral Marketing

“In direct sales, the old paradigm of giving your members as promoters the ‘best price’ on the product instead of the retail customer is dying. Companies everywhere are setting up pricing structures that remove any incentive for a regular consumer to want to become a promoter only on the basis of getting a ‘better price’ for the product.” –Ben Dixon, CEO...  January 21, 2022

NaXum’s CEO Ben Dixon Publishes 2022 Direct Selling Trends Report

Ben Dixon serves as NaXum’s CEO, serving dozens of referral marketing companies inside the direct selling space with software, apps, and platforms to thrive in the clients niche. Each year Ben compiles a list of the top trends the team has seen in the space and shares with the Direct Selling Executives Forum. #1 Rise Of Predictive Platforms With COVID-19 continuing to change the way business is done across the...  January 21, 2022

NaXum CEO, Ben Dixon Explores Compensation Trends in Referral Marketing

Compensation Trends in Referral Marketing. The trends of the past that have given a black-eye to the direct selling or referral marketing space's pyramid narrative have tended all to fit the story of the people at the top of an organization earning a larger percentage of the actual sale of a product than the person actually making a sale....  January 21, 2022

NaXum Expands to Egypt, Vietnam, and India

NaXum has recently opened its talent pool search to three new countries. In preparation for the launch of its upcoming BlessUP Social Media platform, the US-based Referral Marketing Software provider—whose development team originally hails from the Philippines—is now hiring creative talent from Egypt, Vietnam, and India. Following the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns in the Philippines, NaXum permanently switched tech...  January 15, 2022

NaXum CEO, Ben Dixon Shares the Rise Of Predictive Platforms

Each year Ben Dixon, the NaXum CEO, compiles a list of the top trends the team has seen in the referral marketing space and shares the report with the Direct Selling Executives Forum. Rise Of Predictive Platforms: With COVID-19 continuing to change the way business is done across the globe, Referral Marketing businesses everywhere are faced with how best to support their members when the majority are no longer leaving...  December 18, 2021

NaXum CEO, Ben Dixon Explores Integrating Cause-Based Marketing Into Your Culture

Each year Ben Dixon, the NaXum CEO, compiles a list of the top trends the team has seen in the referral marketing space and shares the report with the Direct Selling Executives Forum. A Cause Bigger Than Yourself In our last report, we highlighted the trend of tastefully tying causes to your direct sales company as a must to "Engage for Good." Causes continue to be catalysts for viral participation and...  December 18, 2021

NaXum CEO Explores; When It is Appropriate to Use Automation in Referral Marketing?

NaXum’s CEO, Ben Dixon hosted an online session to discuss the balance of using automation vs. suggestions in sales technology on the company’s Facebook Page. Sales automation programs can be defined as systems that deploy autoresponders, automated text message sequences, and automated phone calls. Suggestion platforms exist when technology prompts the humans at your company to reach out on the phone or text...  December 03, 2021

NaXum’s CEO Ben Dixon Shares How Predictive Actions Are Giving Companies Daily Insights They Have Never Had Before

Ben Dixon serves as CEO of NaXum Online Marketing Services, a 22 year old software company that serves referral marketing companies around the globe. When asked about predictive actions and why their newest gamified platform was created he shared: “We wanted clients to have the real data on exactly ‘what’ messages and posts in social media were actually making a difference in growing the brands. If we...  November 20, 2021

NaXum’s CEO Ben Dixon Shares How S.P.E.E.D. Systems Lead to Viral Growth

Ben Dixon serves as CEO of NaXum Online Marketing Services, a 22-year-old software company that serves referral marketing companies around the globe. In 2013, the team at NaXum coined the acronym S.P.E.E.D. to describe the 5 functions of viral growth in referral marketing. The S.P.E.E.D. principle states that companies will grow as fast as whichever of the 5 components they are the weakest at. The weakest component is...  November 19, 2021

NaXum Reviews: 3 Practices Required to Develop Compensation Plans in Referral Marketing

What is the key to getting the compensation plan your sales teams in the field deserve? Jenilyn Montebon, the President of Technology at NaXum, unpacks the key practices she has implemented at NaXum that make all the difference. #1 The Structure "In developing compensation plans, one important practice that needs to be in place is to have a team that has the knowledge and the capacity to understand the...  November 08, 2021

NaXum’s CEO, Ben Dixon, Shares How COVID Changed Technology in Direct Sales Forever

Naxum’s CEO, Ben Dixon, hosted a panel through the Direct Selling Executive Forum to explore strategies for referral marketing companies today and how technology has changed at NaXum....  November 07, 2021

NaXum’s CEO Ben Dixon Shares the Balance of Using Automation vs Suggestion in Your Sales Technology

Sales automation programs can be defined as systems that deploy autoresponders, automated text message sequences, and automated phone calls. Suggestion platforms exist when technology prompts the humans at your company to reach out on the phone or text message personally to nurture the relationship and maximize the sales conversion....  October 30, 2021

NaXum’s CEO Ben Dixon Explores International Expansion Strategy with Retired Top Amway Executive

Naxum's CEO shares how integrated platforms save costs and allow for a better user experience as companies expand internationally....  October 29, 2021

NaXum’s CEO, Ben Dixon, Shares How a Product First Strategy Can Lead to Focused Viral Growth on NaXum Technology

Companies around the world are using NaXum technology to lead product first initiatives through landing pages, product sampling and mobile apps that assist independent promoters to build home-based businesses....  October 28, 2021

Naxum’s CEO, Ben Dixon, Explores How to Handle Unprecedented Growth With NaXum Technology

At Naxum, clients deploy the Unify platform to scale and grow their businesses. By having the shopping, commission tracking, marketing, and mobile app all connected in a single unified online system, companies can leverage their data, make changes, adjust, and grow, all without the need of a large in-house technical team....  October 28, 2021

NaXum’s CEO, Ben Dixon, Explores How to Create Relationships That Last a Lifetime with Top Talent

In a panel held by NaXum's CEO Ben Dixon, a group executives explored the power of relationships with top talent. The panel included: Kevin Crandall, VP of Sales @Shaklee David Fleming, CSO @Norwex Michael Hutchinson, Founder @inCruises The questions for the broadcast on Facebook included: 1) What are two qualities you look for in a top field leader? "One, is optimism, because, we’ve been...well,...  October 22, 2021

NaXum’s CEO Ben Dixon Shares How Creating Custom Product Experiences Bring Unique Value to Your Offers

How can you differentiate your company and your offer from other websites and marketplaces? is the giant in the room. New brands are asking themselves, what must they do to create a customer experience that you cannot have on Amazon? If you plan to sell from your own website, and not on Amazon, you have to ask yourself what unique value will you bring to the marketplace for your customers? NaXum’s CEO,...  October 22, 2021

Naxum’s CEO Ben Dixon Explores the Power of Product Sampling in Referral Marketing

Ben Dixon, NaXum's CEO, hosts an interview with Lifebrook to explore the power of product sampling in referral marketing. The interview was then featured on the Entrepreneur Almanac: Questions from the session: 1) Why Lifebrook, what prompted you and the family to start the company? 2) Why Sampling, what prompted you to create a sampling program? 3) What...  October 10, 2021

NaXum CEO Ben Dixon Hosts Panel to Explore How to Attract Sheroes to Your Organization

Global Business Daily has featured Ben Dixon, NaXum's CEO on insights for attracting Sheroes to your organization. In the article, Ben shares how he shares the belief that "amazing people" are the secret sauce to a remarkable company. Whether you’re seeking a competitive advantage in the marketing place from your culture, product experience, or marketing, his view is that all long-term success can be...  October 09, 2021