Responsible for making the magic happen.

Client Support

" My favorite core value is - KAIZEN: Constant and Never Ending Improvement as this allows an individual to develop one's potential and become a better version of his/her previous self every day. " RHENA MAY SALINAS Client Champ Rhena is a graduate from University of San Carlos Cebu with a Bachelors Degree in Accountancy.
" The way how Naxum provides 10x great culture to its employees reflects on how they greatly serve billions of business souls. " JEAN PAULINE MALITAO-OMBAO Client Champ Jean Pauline Ombao took her Bachelor's degree in Information Technology at Pambayang Dalubhasaan ng Marilao.
" I've always believed that we should strive for greatness and that we should never settle for mediocrity and complacency. " KRYSSEL ANN BARRANCO Client Champ She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Ateneo de Davao University.
" Naxum has 9 core values that are authentic and relevant. I believe these 9 core values helped everyone to improve their skills within the company works with the team and with our clients. " SHAYNE ENDRINA Client Champ I studied Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management Accounting for a semester at the University of Cebu - Main Campus.
"We love to inspire and reward billions of business souls to gamify their life to share products and services." REXA MAE INTO Client Champ After earning my Bachelor of Elementary Education in General Education from Cebu Normal University, I entered the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry to explore a career that is beyond my comfort zone.
"For others, earning a degree is time up, but you should embrace learning for change, growth, and success. I love to experiment with things because for me innovation would be your powerful tool to create the future you want not only for yourself but for the people you love and for others. For that reason, striving for greatness is always welcoming with new learning experiences each and every day. " Christle Client Champ I took up a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and earned my degree at the University of Mindanao in 2016.
" Being in a company who loves to inspire, inspires me to be an inspiration as well. This is GENUINE CONCERN to the clients and to its community which attracts only positive results. " CHRISTINE JOY A. MONDEJAR Client Champ Naxum is very supportive in their employees’ growth, they provide materials and encourage us to never stop learning.
" NaXum is not just a company that manages clients' accounts and promotes its products. But, they're also a company that thinks about the benefits of their employees and the people working within the company. " KRISTHY VENTURA Client Champ I started my career as a Customer Services Representative 8 years ago.
" Passion defines who I’am. When I’m doing something, I put everything into it, undivided attention, love and even my life. It gives me purpose, a reason WHY am I doing this, and what I want to achieve. " Anthony Bayoneta Lutero Client Champ I had my first year in college at Interface Computer College and took up Bachelor in Computer Science where I met my greatest friends.
" I want to be part of something BIG! Something that has a purpose and Naxum's WHY is the exact fit for what I am looking for. " MARK CASSIUS G. APILIS Client Champ I have spent most of my young years in Manila and went back to Baguio where I studied, Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, major Math.
" Delivering “Wow” is my work’s love language. Every time I work on something I am passionate about I always try to give my 100% and before giving out my final output, give myself ample time to think of a better way of doing it. " EDWARD H. BARING II Client Champ I am Edward H. Baring II, studied Civil Engineering but ended up pursuing customer service as my bread and butter. After a failed attempt to go pro in one of my beloved e-sport scenes.
" “We love to inspire and reward BILLIONS of business SOULS.” It is an achievement to see that you were able to help in someone's success. Nowadays, it is hard to know if you're dealing with the right people. Thus, this statement proves that NaXum is a trustworthy company. A company that can reward billions of business souls. " RENIL JED ANGELO R. DONDONAYOS Client Champ He received his education at the Ateneo de Davao University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering degree.
" My favorite Core Value is “Be Generous” because as a client champ, it is our job to give our energy, skills, and resources to provide the best services the clients deserve. " KHLZIE ANTONETTE LLANETA Client Champ Khlzie Antonette Llaneta is the eldest of five siblings. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. She has been a working student since high school until she finishes her degree.



" Having true passion motivates me to do something which is in line with my life's purpose and allows me to explore all my hidden strengths." EDUARDO ARBOLEDA Core Tech Engineer Finished his Bachelor's Degree in IT at The University of Mindanao.
" Felt neglected? Come? This place is for you! They'll love you, Gemba and NaXum are here for you! This is where family and teamwork are perfectly defined. " JOEMARIE BIÑAS Core Tech Engineer Joe is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and he wants to travel arround the world.
" We are motivated to care for our clients and company. To earn the trust, to build them up. " NORFELYN R. ALMONICAR Core Tech Engineer A CUM LAUDE, graduated in Asian College of Technology, one of the best IT schools in Cebu.
" People in Naxum are friendly and approachable. You can really see that they are happy to help each other to grow and give their best to provide good service to the clients. The environment is very comfortable. And the company help us to improve our skills not just for our career but also in life. " MULLAH S. MINA Core Tech Engineer He's a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.
" My favorite core values are Be Passionate and Be Generous. I always take pride in my works, especially to the website functionality and design. " FREDRICH MERECIDO Core Tech Engineer A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of the Immaculate Conception.
" Everyone highly values Kaizen, from the Founder to the CEO, down to your colleagues. Their growth mindset attracts you to progress and succeed in life. " MICHAEL LAZARO Core Tech Engineer A graduate of Silliman University, holding Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degrees.
" At Naxum, we already know the magical power of referral marketing. That's what we are building and putting in one platform as a tool for our clients and their customers. " JOVANIE BENOLA Mob App Engineer A Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering graduate from the University of the Immaculate Conception.

UI/UX Designer

" From product innovation & creation to customer service, our team is committed to creating "wow" experiences for our member, vendors, and clients. " CHRISTOPHER L. JAVA JR. UI Designer Originating from a family of artists, Chris graduated at the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, major in Painting.
" Humility lets you form deeper connections with people, allowing for more learnings and criticisms and patience with yourself and others, resulting in a more positive outlook in life. " YVANNAH CHELSIE MARIE GO UI Designer Yvannah graduated from Ateneo de Zamboanga University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration last March 2016.
" There's this strong bond that makes us not just co-workers but family. I had never met before a group of people that work as hard as they can to deliver "WOW" to their clients. " CRISMARIE LOPEZ UX Designer Cris graduated with a bachelor's degree in Information Technology at Holy Child College of Davao.
" I love our core values of Be Passionate - What we do matters. Our contribution effects millions of lives across the world. " JOHN MARTIN CHAN UX Designer A web UI/UX designer with strong experience crafting user interface and experience for years.
" For highly challenging goals like learning to write software, it is such an amazing feeling when your code works bug-free. " JAMES RYAN PEPITO UX Designer James graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Technology at (CTU) Cebu Technological University-Main Campus
" Being able to touch different variations of people throughout our talent and skills is what sets us apart from the other software companies. " JAYVEE SALANGO UX Designer A graduate from Davao del Norte State College with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.
" Noel's love for programming and dedication to his team has made him extremely effective as a web developer. " NOEL CLARION UX Designer Noel attended only a vocational college at ICI (Iligan Computer Institute), where he studied Diploma in Information Technology. He went to college on a half scholarship funded by TESDA.
" Being passionate pushes one to do the best out of everything. It is important to achieve its goal to give the clients the incomparable service that we can offer. " GODOFREDO CORONADO JR UX Designer Godofredo Coronado Jr is a Filipino Web Designer,HTML / CSS, WordPress Developer and Graphic Designer for almost 10 years now.
" By inspiring others through my ArtWork, it gives me a special kind of happiness as I was able to help achieve their goals and contribute to their success. " ALDWIN STEPHEN TABIOS UX Designer Stephen is a Front-End Web Developer with years of professional experience in the Web development and E-commerce industry.
" I was a little artist. The joy of my creation and sharing it with the world felt rewarding. As technology evolved around us, it touched my life too. " KAUSHIKI UX Designer After a brief Diploma in Web Design, I started my journey as a Graphic Designer, working my way up to become a UX/UI Designer. I, soon took up Frontend Development, so as to utilize my computing background. That is when I found my true calling.
"The most joyful thing about us as developers is that we change the world around us by what we do. We are in any aspect of Technology. If you look at what you are using every day that uses technology, we, the developers are behind them. What makes me more passionate is when I see that the results of my Artwork have a great impact on people's lives." AHMED MANSOUR UX Designer I am Ahmed Mansour, I am a UX Designer/Frontend Developer. I studied Computer Engineering at Ahram Candian University in Egypt.
"I Love to make an IMPACT on other people's lives by creating stunning designs that deliver WOW" REINHARD KENSON A L UI Designer I'm Kenson. I am a Computer Science Graduate who fell in love with technology that changes people's lives and made myself part of it.
"In Gemba and NaXum, you will never spend a day working! You will enjoy every day spending time improving and embracing positivity around the community." CHINEE FERNANDEZ UI Designer Acquiring the skills from both her parents, she used her knowledge to pursue her design career when she graduated at Ateneo de Davao University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Information Technology.
"Learning constantly makes us better in the things we do. I believe that in order to succeed in life, we should keep on learning. Learn from our mistakes and learn new things to improve ourselves." JEFFERSON ENTERINA UI Designer I’m a computer engineering graduate from Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology who has a passion for graphic designing.

Commissions Engineers

" We may have a different definition of success. For me, success is not only about what we've accomplished in life, but it's about what we inspire others to achieve. " MARK VINCENT AYO VP of Commissions Engineer A graduate from Ateneo de Davao University with a bachelor's degree in Information Technology.
" Gemba and NaXum is a culture. Not just a culture, but also a family-oriented one. Here at NaXum, we are constantly evolving and growing. NaXum centers growth and focuses on the people they care about. " VINCENT SY Commissions Engineer Vincent graduated from Ateneo de Davao University with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.
" NaXum shows me a brand new approach to business culture by implementing the golden circle. " REY MARK ABAO Commissions Engineer Over 5 years of analyzing systems engineering requirements from planning, designing, and development, testing, and troubleshooting phase.
" KAIZEN is one of my favorite core values of Naxum. Why? Because having this type of characteristic will bring me into the future in which I didn't expect. " ERWIN JOHN IBAÑEZ Commissions Engineer Erwin finished a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, he applied for a job in NaXum last February as Client Champ.
" As a developer, it is always fulfilling and a beauty to see the tools that we make are helping others achieve their goals in the most interesting, engaging, and fun ways. " SHEIRA MAN-AWIT Commissions Engineer Hi, I'm Sheira Man-awit, you may call me Shei for short. I graduated from the Technological University of the Philippines Manila with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.
" Naxum has this culture where employees are coached for improvement. The company cares for growth, both personally (Kaizen) and career-wise (Promote from Within). " DANIZ MICHELLE TIMBAL Commissions Engineer graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of the Philippines Visayas Tacloban College.
" In Naxum we inspire businesses to make their success by providing them with our technology that facilitates the way to help and inspire their affiliates to gamify their lives to help more human beings earn jobs with dignified living. " ABDELRAHMAN ELSHORBAGII Commissions Engineer I’m Abdelrahman ElShorbagii you can call me Abdo for short. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Information Systems

" When I read the NaXum 9 core values I told myself that this is the type of organization that where I want to work! " NICO PENAROYO VP of IS Engineers A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Holy Cross of Davao College Inc.
" Deliver "Wow". Always give your best in every given task so you can deliver a quality results. " VINCENT PAUL PONTERAS IS Engineer A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at University of San Jose-Recoletos and I also finished Commercial Arts vocational course.

HR & Finance

" Knowledge knows no age. It does not stop at a certain age nor it happens only in the classroom. " NECTA CASIPLE VP of HR & Finance A Mass Communication graduate, Information Technology was once her choice of study in the university before shifting to her undergraduate degree.
" I have been through lots of companies since I started to build my career but only in Naxum I have felt the essence of Teamwork. " MARA ANTONETTE R. UDARBE Finance Manager A graduate of Business Administration at the University of Southeastern Philippines.
" Amazing! The office is nice and the people here are all good and dynamic. " PHOEBE MAE SECRETARIA HR Champ Phoebe graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of San Jose – Recoletos.
" The never-ending improvement within the company impacts our lives and makes us reach for goals on how we can provide the best products and services on businesses around the world. " ANNE PAOLA PANGILAN HR Champ A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Davao Doctor's College.
"When you practice KAIZEN in life and at work, you will always see yourself as someone far greater than you are today because you know you’ll always think outside the box and think of better ways to achieve things" RICAH ANGELA O. BAGUIO HR Champ Ricah is a Cum Laude graduate of Ateneo de Davao University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management.
" My absolute favorite core value is KAIZEN, which stands for CONSTANT and NEVER ending improvement. I live by this and always put 110% into everything that I do regardless of what is going on. " VALENTINA VERONICA MENDEZ HR Hunter A recent graduate from the University of Houston. She hold a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a Minor in Nutrition.
The people here are very passionate and positive, it excites me to work more to hone my skills, be a better person, and level up. YEN DESIERTO HR Champ Yen is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Holy Cross of Davao College.

Executive Leadership

" The NaXum UNIFY platform truly defined a company's online brand and enabled massive growth via referral marketing, specifically creating intuitive and integrated marketing technologies. " RODD KIRBY Founder / Chief Visionary Officer Rodd Kirby, a graduate from Baylor University, began his entrepreneurial journey right out of college with the purchase of his first Texaco convenience store.
" It's about living to the full-potential that you have been given. Being able to step into all that is available for you and the people you touch. " BEN DIXON Chief Executive Officer Ben graduated college at a young age and went on to work as an outside consultant for a Fortune 200 company.
" Candid communication helps us relay detailed and accurate information since our company is nothing without our clients and what we do truly helps them and their business. " RENELYN DAIN President of Operations Held a degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Holy Child College of Davao
" My favorite part is: "to inspire and reward BILLIONS of business SOULS". Through the software we provide here in NaXum, we are able to inspire and help people achieve their dreams. " JENILYN MONTEBON President of Technology Jenilyn Montebon is a cum laude graduate from Ateneo de Davao University with a bachelor's degree in Information Technology.
" SERVING people is one of my heart's desires. I once led a youth group serving my fellow youth because I want to touch the lives of every people I met. " ROSEMAY ROMERO NOS Production Manager Hi! I am Rosemay S. Romero. You can call me Rose. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the University of Saint La Salle-Bacolod.
" NaXum creates a platform that makes it easier for our clients to manage their business, share information and promote their products, invite potential endorsers while keeping track of their earnings at the same time. " PALMER JOY C. BIAÑA Technical Project Manager Pam was born and raised in Tangub City, Misamis Occidental. She studied Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College for a semester.