Meet the Team

responsible for making the magic happen

Ben Dixon


Ben graduated college at a young age and went on to work as an outside consultant for a Fortune 200 company.

Ben then discovered his niche in the direct sales and network marketing industry. He achieved great success in his own opportunity by using a unique approach through social media marketing.

Ben now applies his knowledge and success secrets when he helps our clients in creating systems that help bring their businesses to new levels of success. He assists our clients with customizing and building systems that fit their specific needs.

Ben also uses his knowledge helping with system design as he looks to continually make marketing systems more intuitive and easy to use.

Specialties: Social Media Education, Custom CRMM Systems, Replicated Web Pages, Tour Sites, Corporate MLM Systems

Rodd Kirby


Rodd Kirby, a graduate from Baylor University, began his entrepreneurial journey right out of college with the purchase of his first Texaco convenience store.

After successfully operating multiple locations then selling his Texaco business, he soon discovered his passion for online marketing and began building custom CRM marketing platforms.

In 1999, after licensing a marketing system from another company, Rodd founded and built his own cloud based software marketing system from scratch! He continued developing key online marketing tools which were perfectly integrated into a one-stop-shop CRM platform, creating a powerful SAS niche within the direct selling industry. One of his early goals was to custom build a software platform which incorporated marketing and commissioning into a one-stop-shop customizable virtual office, which is a reality today, the NaXum flagship product called UNIFY.

Rodd loved technology, but was always sensitive to the need for real personal interactions to achieve success in the ever expanding digital marketplace. Expanding on this niche led Rodd to pioneer the CRMM (Contact Relationship Management and Marketing) concept coupled with his Referral Marketing software for calculating affiliate and distributor commissions. This is when Rodd’s passions really became evident from the beginning vision of UNIFY... The NaXum UNIFY platform truly defined a company’s online brand and enabled massive growth via referral marketing, specifically creating intuitive and integrated marketing technologies which empowered his clients to define their brand by efficiently connecting with their prospects and customers in an extremely personal way.

Today, Rodd, with the help of his amazing NaXum team, realizes his passion every day – helping hundreds of companies and thousands of independent marketers from all over the world personally share their products and services through the SAS Marketing and Commissioning platform.

Steve Russell


Steve Russell has over 15 years in the network marketing industry as a successful distributor and 5 years in the corporate world of delivering support tools to the direct selling industry as a vendor.

During these 5 years, Steve managed total support operations for one of the largest powerline systems development companies in the direct selling industry. His vast knowledge and experience in the industry has given him all the tools and experience to oversee Naxum’s help desks, live text chat, and phone support.

Steve knows how to expertly connect with customers, understand their needs, how they use technology, and develop support systems to help customers realize their potential.

Steve now applies his vast knowledge to create the ultimate customer support system in a personal and remarkable way that fulfills our members needs so they can build a successful business.

Solomon Montilla


I love to innovate and think of things outside of the box, creating solutions for customers.

Started working when I was 21 years old as a Callcenter Technical Support Agent at HP for 2 years. Was then a self-employed web developer/webmaster & system analyst for 6 years/ Hosting, innovating own websites that created open sites for the benefit of others.

Graduated at STI College on Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

GitHub and opensource contributor. Knowledge on PHP, JQuery, PERL, VB, C# and C Language foundation. SEO Expert.